Selfportrait, May 2021.

“Taking photos is not a goal in itself, but a tool to get to know new people,” according to Jasper Groen (Nieuwkoop, 1974). Obviously the result – a striking portrait – is also an important part of his motivation, but in essence he loves his work because he is allowed to enter the lives of “beautiful and inspiring people.”

Jasper documents the way young people shape their identity. He has a specific interest in ‘tipping points’ in this process. Themes included are: the search for a place in society, peer pressure and the contrast between identity and appearance. He says: “I have a weak spot for those who dare to question themselves and who dare to be different from the grey mass.”

As a self-taught photographer Jasper did a six month internship at Erwin Olaf. He also followed a master class by Rineke Dijkstra. His series have been exhibited in the Netherlands by Foam, Nederlands Foto Museum, Foto Festival Naarden, Melkweg Galerie, Museum Huis Marseille, Bonnefanten Museum and Zaans Museum. Abroad his series have been showcased in Argentina (Museum for Human Rights), Russia (Aktovy Zal) and Germany (Freiraum Für Fotografie).

His CV with more information is here. And his Instagram can be found here.