About Jasper Groen

Jasper Groen (1974, Nieuwkoop) documents the way young people shape their identity. He has a specific interest in ‘tipping points’ in this process. Themes included are: the search for a place in society, peer pressure and the contrast between identity and appearance.

After almost 10 years of writing for newspapers Groen bought a camera to express himself, far away from daily deadlines. At first his photos were journalistic, raw and often with the use of a flash. In his recent series ‘Jedidja’, ‘Eric*’ and ‘The Future is Queer’ his style is subtle and sober. Like whispering in an era where people tend to shout, as his former teacher Erwin Olaf describes it. The portraits of Groen are without any context and preferable with a minimum of colors. But all portraits show a strong connection between model and maker. “Photography is not a goal on it’s own, but a tool to get in touch with new people”, he says. This is why he considers most of his models as personal friends.

The works of Jasper Groen are exhibited in the Netherlands by Foam, Nederlands Foto Museum, Foto Festival Naarden, Melkweg Galerie and Museum Huis Marseille. Abroad his series are shown in Argentina, Russia and Germany. Groen is a self-taught photographer, but he did a six month internship at Erwin Olaf and he followed a master class by Rineke Dijkstra.

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