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Prices are ‘print only’. Additional costs for framing on request. Every photo has an edition of 5 (+1 AP), no matter the chosen size. 45×30 cm = 400 euro 60×40 cm  = 750 euro 90×60 cm = 1.250 euro 120×80 cm  = 2.000 euro Please, send an email with your wishes to


Eric* (2017) Size: 20 X 24,5 cm, 106 pages, 40 full color photographs. Edition: 350 copies. Design by Heijdens Karwei, with text (EN) by Eric and Jasper Groen. Price: 25 euro. Order via


Jeffrey (2006). Size: 24 X 16 cm, 48 pages, 22 full color photographs. Edition: 600 copies. SOLD OUT Published on the occasion of an exhibition in Foam, museum for photography in Amsterdam. In 2008 it was selected to join the exhibition Fw. Pages in Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam. Design by Wencke van Amstel, with text (NL/EN) by Harm Ede Botje.

Finding Emo

Finding Emo (2008). Size 24 X 16 cm, 84 pages, 21 full color portraits by Jasper Groen and 23 full color photographs by Martijn van de Griendt. Edition: 500 copies. Published on the occasion of an exhibition in Melkweg Galerie, Amsterdam. Order your personal copy by mail. Price: 20 euro. Design by Martin van Triest, with and introduction (NL) by Han Schoonhoven and texts by Martijn van de Griendt and Jasper Groen.

Foam Album 08

Foam Album 08 (2009). Size: 17,5 x 24,5 cm, 336 pages. Photographs from all photographers that worked together with Foam Amsterdam in the year 2008. Including one full color photograph from the series ‘Nina’. Published by and for sale at Foam Amsterdam, museum for photography. Price: 19,95 euro. Design by Vandejong Amsterdam. Many contributing writers and photographers.

FW. Pages #7

FW. Pages #7 (2008). Size: 16 X 23 cm, 80 pages.. Edition: 1.500 copies. SOLD OUT Published on the occasion of an exhibition of Dutch photobooks in Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam. Inside the cover and several photographs of pages from ‘Jeffrey’. Design by Hans Gremmen, with text by Claudia Küssel and Hans Gremmen.


Emoticon, catalogue for FotoFestival Naarden (2007). Size: 18 x 23,5 cm, 176 pages. Photographs from all photographers that participated during FotoFestival Naarden 2007. Including two full color photographs by Jasper Groen. SOLD OUT   Design by Jeffrey Groot a.o. Many photographers. Introduction by Marga Rotteveel.